Masterful Elegance: The Ceri House Collection

The Ceri House Collection

Welcome to the Ceri House Collection at No. 79 Art Gallery, where the intricate art of carving, gilding, and framing comes to life. Ceri House, an artist renowned for his mastery in these traditional crafts, invites you to explore a world where every detail tells a story, and every piece is a testament to skill and passion.

- Finding Beauty In Anarchy

Exhibition Highlights

The Ceri House Collection features a range of works that exemplify his skill in carving, gilding, and framing. From intricately carved sculptures to elegantly gilded mirrors, and frames that transform the art they hold, this exhibition is a celebration of craftsmanship and beauty.

Join Us

We invite you to experience the Ceri House Collection at No. 79 Art Gallery. Immerse yourself in the beauty of traditional art forms brought to life through the hands of a master. Whether you are an art enthusiast, a fellow craftsman, or simply curious, this collection is a journey through the art of the tangible, where every piece resonates with history and skill.

Visit No. 79 Art Gallery to witness the timeless elegance of the Ceri House Collection – where art, history, and craftsmanship converge.

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