ARTIST Ceri House

About Ceri House

Ceri House has carved a unique niche in the art world, blending traditional techniques with contemporary flair. His journey in art is deeply rooted in his expertise. With a keen eye for detail and a profound respect for historical methods, Ceri’s work is a bridge between the past and the present.

The Mind of Ceri

Step into a realm where every curve and contour is a stroke of genius. Ceri’s  work is a nothing short of precision and creativity, bringing the canvas to life in forms that captivate and inspire. Each piece in this collection is a showcase of Ceri’s dedication to his craft.

A Window to the Soul of Art

Discover the arts through Ceri’s eyes. More than just a border, each frame is carefully crafted to complement and enhance the artwork it encloses. Ceri’s frames are not mere accessories; they are integral parts of the art, each with its own story and character.

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Join us at No. 79 Art Gallery for an unforgettable journey through the art of Ceri House – where every canvas is a new world waiting to be explored.